PONGO embraces AIGC comprehensively to enhance integrated marketing output and local execution efficiency

PONGO embraces AIGC comprehensively to enhance integrated marketing output and local execution efficiency

With the increasing demand for domestic brands to explore overseas markets, PONGO, as an enabler for brands going global, has gained popularity among more and more brands and cross-border sellers, thanks to its professional service capabilities. Prior to the widespread adoption of cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, PONGO faced unprecedented challenges. Marketing is, after all, a “labor-intensive” industry, and without efficient AI tools, an increase in clients would also mean a linear increase in manpower costs. This would not only affect the overall efficiency and project delivery cycle of the company but also have unfavorable effects on the later operational management and cost control aspects.

The rise of AIGC technology has not only opened up a new era in the marketing field but has also brought unprecedented improvements to digital marketing companies like PONGO, which actively embrace new technologies and trends. Since integrating AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney into the team’s daily work, PONGO has optimized various aspects of brand globalization marketing. Whether it is early-stage market research, marketing content creation, or localization work, these AI tools have increased efficiency in the workflow, generating valuable content and guidance, making PONGO’s marketing work more professional.

Taking cross-border live streaming as an example, with the help of AI drawing tool Midjourney, the PONGO team can realize creative ideas at the fastest speed. For instance, they can quickly generate renderings of live streaming rooms based on the client’s requirements and the team’s ideas, thereby reducing communication costs between the team and the client. With the assistance of Midjourney, a design task that would normally take several days can be completed in just half a day, allowing the team to focus more time and energy on other aspects of cross-border live streaming.

During content creation, the PONGO team, with the aid of AI tools, combines the marketing demands of the brand with the cultural customs of the target market, generating visually impactful and dynamic marketing content to increase the acceptance of the brand among local consumers and attract the attention of more potential buyers.

Localization has always been one of the core competitive advantages of PONGO’s overseas marketing business, and the company has invested a great deal of effort and cost into it. In the past, the PONGO overseas team mainly accelerated the localization of marketing content by increasing manpower. Now, with the assistance of AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, PONGO can quickly create posters with local characteristics and accurately translate them into different language versions for various countries. Even when dealing with countries with relatively rich dialects, such as Indonesia with over 300 dialects, PONGO can efficiently translate marketing content into Javanese, Sundanese, and other languages using AI tools while maintaining consistency and professionalism. With the help of AI tools, PONGO’s overseas staff is freed from repetitive translation work, as they only need to perform secondary proofreading and corrections. The saved manpower can be redirected to more creative work.

Those familiar with PONGO know that it is not only a TikTok-certified TSP service provider but also an overseas MCN agency that has received multiple awards. In the MCN business, PONGO is also actively exploring how to integrate AI more closely. For example, PONGO has made initial progress in developing a live streaming incubation assistant based on ChatGPT, turning it into a crucial tool for cultivating internet celebrities through massive data and document imports and long-term training. Currently, newcomers joining the MCN incubation program can obtain relevant professional knowledge through this AI assistant. MCN managers can also optimize training processes, such as generating assessment content, using this AI assistant.

In the future, PONGO will further develop AI tools for different marketing scenarios by combining existing massive data on internet celebrities, marketing data, and internal documents. This will accelerate PONGO’s digitization process, comprehensively improve work efficiency, and provide partners with more professional and efficient integrated marketing solutions. For example, PONGO will actively explore intelligent customer service and AI anchors, using high-quality AIGC content to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase and explore new business models.