Our mission

Give clients a Wonderful Experience by offering premium goods at competitive prices.



VIP-Only Special Deals
Receive special member-only promotions.
Get Exclusive Priority Support
you won't have to wait on hold while we help other customers
Unblock More Rewards
Only VIPs could participate in various activities to win larger rewards.
Redeem Points For Gifts
Every points you earn can be redeemed to various products and cash reward.

How to Join The BAF VIP Club?

Join and enjoy ongoing exclusive membership benefits

Follower Official Admin Account

Log in or sign up for an account on TikTok. start search and follow the account ” BAF_mimin”

Direct Message

Send your cellphone number to BAF’s TikTok account through direct messaging.

Join Our VIP Community

Scan the QR Code above and join the B&F VIP group chat.

How to Earn and Redeem the points?

BAF Points is a form of appreciation for our loyal users

Log in to your account

Make sure you are logged in to BAF_VIP Telegram Group, Check-in consecutively and you will get more rewards every day.  Furthermore, you could gain more points through the referral program.

Make sure you have enough active Points

We have settled a minimum Points requirement for redemption. Please check your active Points in advance.

Redeem your points

Our personalised redemption solutions will send you a redemption notification once your points level has met the requirements.


Is there any registration fee or monthly charges to become a BAF VIP member?

  •  No. The membership is free of charge. So why wait? Join in now!

Is there any expiry date to my points?

  • Yes there is. Your points are valid for 12 months and will be forfeited upon reaching the expiry date. 
  • Deduction of points will be based on a first-in-first-out basis.  For example, unifi rewards points earned in September 2022 will expire in September 2023.

Who should I contact if I need any assistance or service inquiry?

  • Easy, feel free to reach us via BAF’s digital channels such as Live Chat with us via the BAF self-help portal at https://www.pongoshare.com/contactus. 
  • You can also reach admin in BAF. telegram group for further assistance

Do I get points when i make payment in BAF ?

  • We’re currently working on the reward solution for every transaction, once it was done, you are definitely eligible to accumulate points if the total payment made is equal to or more than the overdue amount