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The Facts About TikTok

TikTok for Business is a great way to get your brand discovered by new prospects. As long as the content appeals to the audience, engagement will follow
TikTok users say they find new products through TikTok ads.
TikTok users discovered a product or brand they were previously unaware of.
TikTok users say they purchased something they saw on TikTok.
A Proven Growth Plan

Our TikTok Strategy

Create a community and raise brand awareness.
Use TikTok to help your audience learn about your brand and engage with your programs/products/services. Encourage your community to become brand ambassadors.
Leads Ads convert prospects into leads.
By sharing a guide or generating registrations for product launches, promotions, or open houses, you can identify and educate potential customers about your product/service.
Find new customers and increase sales
Reach out to your most engaged audience and share unique product features, customer reviews, coupons, and offers to increase your sales online or offline.
Retargeting and selling to current customers
Target your existing customers with custom audiences and show them new products they might be interested in. Alternatively, you can create lookalike audiences to find more audiences that are similar to yours.

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Our Success Stories of TikTok Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my business suitable for TikTok?

PONGO will conduct an in-depth analysis of your industry and needs before recommending a customized content strategy.

  1. What is the goal of your company?
  2. What sets you apart from your competitors?
  3. Who do you want to reach out to via TikTok?

Whether you want to reach a new audience, raise awareness for a new product/service, or strengthen customer relationships through engagement, it is critical to set goals that are aligned with your business objectives.

We will propose a customized content strategy based on your objectives, using five content pillars: engagement, educational, community, entertainment, and promotional.

A well-rounded always-on strategy that combines organic content, paid campaigns, and creator partnerships is an excellent way for brands to grow and connect with the TikTok community while driving business results.

2. What about music rights within collaborations ?

When brands do pay formats on TikTok directly, they are severely limited in terms of the songs and sounds that they are permitted to use. However, when it comes to organic content in general, we recommend using songs from the TikTok library because they are licensed by a global music agency.


Expert advice: Allow the content creator to select a suitable song, as they spend a lot of time on the app and frequently know what’s trending and what their followers want to see and hear.

3. How can a brand go viral with its content?

It’s difficult to predict what types of videos will go viral on TikTok, but here are some pointers from our experience:

• Comedy and fun videos almost always perform well – people on TikTok want to be entertained; give them what they want by authentically implementing your brand’s or campaign’s message.

• Be active on the platform yourself – this is the only way to identify trends. Songs, sounds, hashtags, and dances are all examples.

• Jump on trends without worrying about them becoming obsolete – it’s always good to adapt trends quickly, but your videos could go viral at any time.

• Be daring and try to break away from your usual content style – TikTok and its community are unique, so try to be unique there as well.

• Have faith in Tiktokers’ creative abilities – they know the platform and what works best for their audiences.

• Be bold and try to let go of your usual content style – TikTok and its community are quite different, try to be different on there as well.

• Trust the creative skills of Tiktokers – they know the platform and they know best what works for their audiences.

TikTok videos can go viral any day!