Our 6-Step Video Production Process

Pre-Production Consultation

As well as getting to know the client to get a feel for the right type of video for their business, our producers meet with each client to go over a business projection plan. All video projects are designed with an eye for the long-term.  Producers and clients discuss exactly what they wish to portray through the visual and directive…

Bid Estimate

Once the consultation goes smoothly, the team puts together an estimate for how much a project like this will cost. This will account for the production, post-production, and materials that we estimate it will take to complete the project. We do our best to give you the most accurate representation of the process. With your approval, we will get started…

Video Production

Each video is shot based on pre-approved terms of production, as this is the most accurate way to represent company goals as well as stay on budget. Although many of the videos start with a one-on-one interview, regardless of the starting format, a producer will always be behind the camera to direct people on the other end for the best…


In post-production, our team edit the raw footage to deliver on the client’s vision. The lead time on video editing is traditionally 2 weeks. Video projects that require video editing delivered within 3 business days are subject to a premium rate. One-on-one sessions with a video editor are not included in the service. However, some one-one-one sessions can be arranged.…

Material Review & Client Approval

When we believe we have a product ready for distribution, we will re-involve you in the process. You will be sent an unlisted YouTube link to review at your leisure. However, our clients must keep in mind that we also have other projects to complete, so we ask that all reviews be completed within two weeks.

Delivery & Product Distribution

The video is delivered once the review process is completed and the client has made the final payment. The client is given a final file that they can distribute on any platform they want, including platforms that already exist and platforms that will be created in the future.