Empower brand to participating in digital ecosystems to drive sustainable growth
Raise brand recognition, boost conversions via their daily-engaged content
Drive instant checkouts and successful flash sales with compelling, interactive live streams.
Maximize Business ROI & Online Performance
Facilitate Cross-Border Sales In Southeast Asia Via TikTok、Shopee And Lazada
PONGO is a Premium TikTok shop partner, as well as TikTok Operation Agent Of JD.ID and TCL etc.
Experts Team Executing a Content Strategy That Resonates in Local Markets

Why Choose PONGO?

Professional Content Creation Team With Data -Driven Mindset
Localized Content Creation
We offer expert content production services, focusing on the product’s features and selling factors for excavation and packaging, entirely transforming the user’s perception of the brand and its items.
Expert Team
A digitally native, growth-minded marketing team that specializes in finding growth opportunities and developing data-driven growth strategies.
Remarkable Strengths
1 Million KOLs/KOCs spanning digital home appliances, beauty and cosmetics, lifestyle, outdoor exercise, and other disciplines, mostly in Southeast Asia, America, and Europe.

Our Showcase

Brand trust is built on the cause consumers care most about


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