How To Leverage Organic Traffic on Your TikTok Videos

How To Leverage Organic Traffic on Your TikTok Videos

How To Leverage Organic Traffic on Your TikTok Videos

It’s all well and well to state that you can make money as an affiliate marketer on TikTok, but how do you go about doing so? A typical TikTok affiliate marketer, on the other hand, employs a variety of strategies. The simplest method is to use organic traffic to drive visitors to your TikTok videos.
Of course, this requires that you already have a sizable audience watching and, ideally, engaging with your films.

How To Leverage Organic Traffic on Your TikTok Videos?

  1. Concentrate on a subculture/ vertical niche

  2. Make your videos short

  3. Make the first few seconds of your video count.

  4. Make  of trending hashtags.

  5. Adapt the most of popular sounds.

  6. Make your captions interesting and relevant.

If you don’t yet have a popular TikTok account, it may be best to wait a while before trying to monetize your TikTok account with affiliate marketing. If you don’t want to, you will have to rely more on paid traffic for your videos.

Marketing to Your Organic Traffic

Although there are now substantial pockets of supporters in both generations, Millennials and Generation Alpha, the majority of TikTok’s users are still members of Generation Z. As a result, you should define a distinct niche for your account and create and post videos that appeal to those who are interested in that issue. The affiliate products you advertise must likewise appeal to such individuals. In a channel where the majority of your videos are about teen beauty, for example, sharing affiliate product links for hunting and fishing equipment is pointless.

Generation Z is infamous for hating traditional ads, you should naturally incorporate your affiliate products into your films. If you choose affiliate products that your normal audience would use, this will be considerably easier. You want your product placement to appear natural and unforced.

It’s all well and good to promote your affiliate items on TikTok, but how are you going to make it work? How do you convince individuals to buy a product while also ensuring that the product creator/merchant or affiliate network is aware that you referred them? You can accomplish this in a variety of ways:

  •  Include a Link in Your Bio

TikTok is the best spot to insert the personalised link provided by the affiliate company or network. You can then reference it in your videos after you have a link in your TikTok bio. If you discover that you may add a clickable link to your TikTok bio, follow these steps:

  1. At the bottom right corner of your screen, tap the Me icon.
  2. Select the Edit Profile option.
  3. If your bio allows it, you’ll see a place where you can enter a URL. Put a link to your website or a custom landing page in place of the affiliate link provided by your affiliate company or network. If you have different links for different products, choose the most important one for your current affiliate marketing promotion and repeat the process each time you wish to promote a different product. To make your link look more streamlined, you might want to run it through a URL shortening tool first.
  4. Then press the Submit button.
  • Use Onbio to Create a Bridge Page for Multiple Affiliate Links

When someone clicks on the link in your bio, it leads them to a landing page with your chosen links, including affiliate links if you’re doing affiliate marketing. So, remember to promote the existence of your Linktree in your bio and in the descriptions of your movies.

In your bio link, you can put much more than affiliate links. For example, having links to blog posts or longer YouTube videos where you can properly describe the benefits and features of the products you’re promoting may be more effective. Then you’d add your affiliate connections to those pages.

  • Link to Your Other Social Pages

TikTok makes it simple to link to your other social media platforms. You can do this in the same way that you may add a link to your profile, by heading to your Me page and tapping the Edit Profile button. TikTok has areas for you to enter your Instagram and YouTube accounts, making it easier to direct visitors to your other posts and promotions. These links appear on your profile as social buttons.

  • Mention Dedicated URLs in Your Videos

Assume you’re a well-known influencer or already deliver a significant amount of traffic to your affiliate company’s or network’s website. In such instance, they could think it’s worth it to provide you with a unique, easy-to-remember URL that you can use in your marketing. The company will then credit that sale to you and pay you the agreed-upon commission when someone visits that web page and purchases something.

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