Sharket Technology

Sharket Technology

Sharket Technology

  • Client: Sharklet
  • Vertical Fitness blogger: 20+ in-depth analysis
  • Brand Exposure: 10.0 millions
  • Transaction Orders: from 0 -1K orders within 3 months

Project Overview

A successful incubation from patented technology to market landing

Provide market landing solutions for sharklet and their patented technologies

Sharklet is a patented bionic technology derived from marine organisms, forming micron-level physical patterns on the surface of objects, with antibacterial and antiviral effects. Pongo utilizes yoga mats smartly to realize the technology on the ground. Meanwhile, Pongo has achieved excellent sales profit with the market tools.

Our Strategy

With rich experience in overseas social media marketing, PONGO provides Sharklet with a tailor-made full-process technical realisation solution

  • Product Selection Strategy

Pongo creates explosive yoga mat products by the researches of market, users, platform and marketing nodes and other aspects and combines with the advantages of Sharklet product core technology. 

  • Targeted Promotion

Based on the characteristics of the product category, and targeting the influencers in the field of fitness and life and other pendant fields Pongo starts the dissemination of recommending products with a large amount of exposure, and triggering the expectations of the target market. 

  • Circle Marketing

Develop a marketing strategy of detonation layer by layer, Pongo quickly establishes a user base for new products by aim to the young people who like to try new things

Our Solution