Tecno Pova 5g

Tecno Pova 5g

Tecno Pova 5g

  • Client: TECNO
  • Vertical Mega Influencers: 57.4 M exposure
  • Top View: 4.7 M
  • Engagement: 1.2 M

Project Overview

A golden linkage of content and resources

Integrated marketing campaign for Tecno’s products such as headphones and quick chargers in India

The digital brand “Tecno”, which has a good fan base in Europe and the Africa. However, it is relatively weak in the Indian market in terms of awareness and sales force.

PONGO, created a customized integrated marketing plan for it to tell a good brand story and win traffic conversion with a thorough understanding of the local market culture.

Our Strategy

  • Brand Tone Localization

Match the culture and tone of the Indian market Combine with brand stories to output content

  • Directional Influencers Invitation

Directional invitations to the headset product related field pendant influencers, targeting customer base

  • Seize the Key Entrance

Match the marketing rhythm and ads campaign capabilities to seize key positions

Our Solutions